The Man with no Shadow

Notes on the Hit

Juanita Iglesia, who is an Ork, started AZ1 Technologies about two years ago. She invented technology for the manipulation of soy based foods. She is the former president of the PCC. She bought the Denver Stuffer Shack corporation (from Aztlan) at a SIGNIFICANT discount (350BNY, valued at 500BNY).

All three Stuffer Shacks that the Ancients bikes are going to are franchised by Carlos Mullinera. Carlos is the child of Horhey Mullinera. Horhey was in intelligence for Aztechnology, he is currently president of the Anehauc University, was the former dean of archeological studies. 4341 Neuton Way, CAS.
AZ1 is the Franchisor for the local Stuffer Shacks.



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