Big 'C'

Former Dwarven Mercenary and Weapons Specialist


Big ‘C’ (Dwarf)__

B 7
A 4/6
R 3/5
S 4/6
C 4
I 3
L 5/6
W 3
E 2
Ess 1.8
Init 6/8
IP 1/3

Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 12/10
Novatech Airwave Commlink Condition Monitor: 10
Novatech Airwave Commlink (Cyber) Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 7/7

Archery 2, Armorer 5, Close Combat Group 4, Computer 1, Demolitions 5, Dodge 3, Firearms Group 4, Gunnery 2, Heavy Weapons 3, Negotiation 3, Outdoors Group 2, Shadowing 1, Throwing Weapons 2

Knowledge Skills:
Arabic 4, Blade Design 3, Chemistry 1, Engineering 3, English N, Explosive Design 4, Firearm Design 3, Firearms History 3, Japanese 3

Metatype Abilities: Enhanced Senses: Thermographic Vision, Resistance: Pathogens and Toxins +2
Qualities: Bad Luck, Enemy, Vendetta: Former Mercenary Captain

Cybereyes (4) with Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
Novatech Airwave Commlink (Cyber) with Analyze (3), Browse (3), Command (2), Edit (2), Novatech Navi Operating System
Wired Reflexes (2)
Biotattoo: Mortalitas inside left forearm
Biotattoo: Tribal Dragon Cuff / Sleeve Rt. arm
Biotattoo: Velox Venganza inside rit. forearm (Swift Vengeanc
Cerebral Booster (1)
Muscle Augmentation (2)
Muscle Toner (2)

ANFO (kg)
Anti-Removal Device (1) x3
Armor Clothing
Armor Jacket
Caerlic Constantine with Fake License: Ares Predator IV (3), Fake License: Ruger Super Warhawk (3), Fake SIN (3), Middle Lifestyle, Safe House
Catalyst Stick
Certified Credstick
Commercial Explosive (kg) x5
Concealable Holster
Concealable Holster
Demolitions Toolkit
Detonating Cord (m) x5
Earbuds (3) with Audio Enhancement (2), Select Sound Filter (1)
Electrical Detonator x20
Exploder, Electrical (1) x5
Explosives Pack
Facility, Armorer
Foam Explosive (kg) (4) x5
Gecko Tape Gloves
Magnesium Torch
Merrick Malone with Fake SIN (3), Middle Lifestyle
Novatech Airwave Commlink with Analyze (2), Browse (2), Command (1), Edit (2), Novatech Navi Operating System, System (2)
Quick-Draw Holster
Radio Detonator x5
Rapelling Gloves
Sleeping Bag
Smart Canteen
Survival Kit
Timer Detonator x3
TNT (kg) x5
Tool Kit, Armorer
White Noise Generator (3)

Syndi / Collapsible Bow [Bows, DV 5P vs. B, RC 1] with Arrow x20, Arrow (Explosive Head) x10, Arrow (Hammerhead) x10, Arrow (Incendiary Head) x10, Easy Breakdown, Manual, Smartgun System, External
Betsy / AK97 [Submachine Guns, DV 6P vs. B-1, SA/BF/BF-L/FA, RC 6, 38 ©] with Custom Look (2), EX-Explosive Rounds x100, Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 3 System, Hollow Point Rounds x100, Personalized Grip, Regular Ammo x200, Spare Clips
Big Bertha / SPA S-22 [Shotguns, DV 8P vs. B-2, SA/BF, RC 2, 10 (m)] with Barrel Reduction, Custom Look (2), EX-Explosive Rounds x10, Folding Stock, Hollow Point Rounds x10, Regular Ammo x20, Shock Pad, Smartgun System, Internal
Grapple Gun [Special Weapons, DV 5S vs. I, SS, RC 1, 1 (ml)]
Lucille / Ruger Warhawk [Pistols, DV 7P vs. B, SS, RC 1, 8 (cy)] with Custom Look (2), EX-Explosive Rounds x24, Hollow Point Rounds x16, Increased Cylinder, Smartgun System, Internal, Speed Loader
Mary / Ares Desert Strike [Sniper Rifles, DV 9P vs. B-4, SA, RC 2, 14 ©] with Barrel Extension, EX-Explosive Rounds x110, Folding Stock, Hollow Point Rounds x60, Imaging Scope, Regular Ammo x110, Rigid Stock, Shock Pad, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor, Subsonic Rounds x10
Matilda / Predator IV [Pistols, DV 6P vs. B-2, SA, RC 2, 19 ©] with Custom Look (2), EX-Explosive Rounds x40, Gel Rounds x10, Hollow Point Rounds x25, Personalized Grip, Regular Ammo x40, Smartgun System, Internal, Spare Clips
Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 4P vs. I]
Stun Baton [Clubs, DV 6S(e) vs. ½I, Reach 1] with Internal Battery x10
Survival Knife [Blades, DV 4P vs. I-1] with Personalized Grip
Sweet Sally / Combat Axe [Blades, DV 7P vs. I-1, Reach 2] with Personalized Grip
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 3S vs. I]
Shuriken x10 [Throwing Weapons, DV 3P vs. I, RC 1]
Throwing Knife x10 [Throwing Weapons, DV 4P vs. I, RC 1]
Flash Grenade x10 [Grenades, DV Flash, RC 1]
Fragmentation Grenade x10 [Grenades, DV 12P(f), -1/m vs. I+5, RC 1]
Thermal Smoke Grenade x10 [Grenades, DV Th. Smoke, 10m R, RC 1]


Yes…Big ‘C’ is ironic given he’s a dwarf….but there’s nothing small about Caerlic Constantine! A grizzled veteran of over 20 campaigns in some of the worst hell holes you can imagine; C decided it was time to retire from the merc life and settle down into something a little less ‘stressful’. That’s when he set up shop in Seattle, working underground as an armorer and explosives expert. If you needed it…he would would build it for you…show you how to make it ‘go boom’…then send you on your merry way. It kept him in the game…but the life expectancy was a helluva lot longer than being in the line of fire.

Trouble is…C pissed off a lot of people during his 25 year career of blowing stuff up. Some of these folks were old acquaintances who were (and still are) well connected. Word still gets around in the shadows and they came looking. That left him with one option…start moving and try to stay one step ahead. So…C has now found himself reluctantly back on the front lines as a shadowrunner; taking jobs when he can so he’s got resources to keep moving and stay alive.

Retirement is a thing of the past…but it’s just a matter of time. C’s a stubborn bastard….and he’s getting real tired of runnning. So…maybe…just maybe…it’s time to set up shop….hunker down…and let them come to him. Then he’ll do what he does best one last time….blow them all to hell…

Big 'C'

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