C. Auguste Dupin

Human Occult Investigator


C. Auguste Dupin (Human Magician)
B 3, A 3, R 3, S 2, C 5, I 4, L 4, W 5, E 3, Ess 6, M 5, Init 7, IP 1
Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 10/11
Sony Emperor Commlink Condition Monitor: 9
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 3/3
Skills: Assensing 3, Conjuring Group 3, Counterspelling 4, Data Search 3, Dodge 2, Influence Group 3, Locksmith 2, Perception 4 (Visual +2), Pistols 3, Ritual Spellcasting 2, Shadowing 3, Spellcasting 5
Knowledge Skills: 19th Century American Literature 5, Chemistry 3, English N, Japanese 2, Latin 3, Local Area Knowledge 4, Lone Star Procedures 3, Magic Theory 4, Safe Houses 1, Underworld Politics 3
Qualities: Addiction (Moderate): Alcohol, Bad Luck, Magician, Mentor Spirit: Snake, Scorched
Spells: Analyze Truth (limited), Detox, Heal, Improved Invisibility, Increase Reflexes, Influence, Manabolt (limited), Mind Probe, Stealth, Stunbolt
AR Gloves
Autopicker (1)
Camera, Micro
Camera, Micro
Camera, Micro
Camera, Micro
Concealable Holster
Earbuds (3) with Audio Enhancement (2), Select Sound Filter (1)
Fetish: Analyze Truth
Fetish: Manabolt
Glasses (4) with Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low Light Vision, Thermographic Vision
Identity: Specify Name with Fake License: Press (4), Thomas Gant
Lined Coat
Lockpick Set
Mage Sight Goggles
Magical Lodge (3)
Maglock Passkey (1)
Microphone, Micro
Microphone, Micro
Microphone, Micro
Microphone, Micro
Security Tags x20
Sony Emperor Commlink with Analyze (3), Browse (2), Command (1), Edit (3), Renraku Ichi Operating System
Sustaining Focus: Health Spells (3)
Thomas Gant with Middle Lifestyle
Colt Manhunter [Pistols, DV 6P vs. B-2, SA, 16 ©] with EX-Explosive Rounds x100, Laser Sight, Spare Clips
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 1S vs. I]


Originally from Richmond, VA, Christopher August had always been fascinated by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. It was this fascination (especially with Poe’s story : Murders in the Rue Morgue) that drove Christopher to adopt the the name of C. Auguste Dupin…after the main character of the story (and who many consider to be the 1st detecive). This naturally also helped lead him down the path of his chosen profession / specialty as he entered the ‘Awakened World.’

Somewhat eccentric, he is known to dress (when not undercover) in black and white Victorian replica clothing (always with his lined coat appropriate to the period). He is also given to randomly quoting Poe; and seems to always find a way to relate his cases (and runs) to some story by the ‘Master of the Macabre’.

Dupin wears his hair in a somewhat disheveled mid -length fashion, with a neatly trimmed goatee.

C. Auguste Dupin

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