Bodyguard / Security Specialist


Andrew Michaels aka ‘Patronus’ (Human)

B 6
A 4/6
R 3/5
S 4/6
C 3
I 3
L 2/4
W 3

E 2
Ess 0.22
Init 6/8
IP 1/3

Condition Monitor boxes (Physical/Stun): 11/10
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Cyber) Condition Monitor: 10
Armor (Ballistic/Impact): 9/9
Athletics Group 2, Automatics 2, Close Combat Group 4, Dodge 4, Electronics Group 2, Electronic Warfare 1, Etiquette 3, First Aid 2, Intimidation 3, Negotiation 2, Perception 5, Pilot Ground Craft 1, Pistols 5 (Semi-Automatics +2), Shadowing 2

Knowledge Skills:
Corporate Politics 3, Corporate Security Procedures 3, English N, Famous Assassins 1, Fine Art 2, Forensics 2, German 2, Japanese 2, Knight Errant Police Procedures 2, Latin 1, Lone Star Police Procedures 3, Mafia Politics 2, Russian 2, Safehouses 3, Spanish 2

Qualities: Augmentation Addict (3dicepool (1)), Mania/Phobia, Uncommon (Mild): Arachnophobia, SiNNer (1), Records on File (Ares – 10), Perceptive (2)

Cyberears (4) with Audio Enhancement (1), Damper, Ear Recording Unit, Increased Sensitivity, Select Sound Filter (4), Sound Link
Cybereyes (4) with Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision
Hermes Ikon Commlink (Cyber) with Analyze (2), Browse (3), Command (1), Edit (2), Mangadyne Deva Operating System
Olfactory Booster (1)
Wired Reflexes (2)
Cerebral Booster (2)
Muscle Augmentation (2)
Muscle Toner (2)
Orthoskin (3)
Platelet Factories

Actioneer Business Clothes
Andrew Michaels with DocWagon Platinum Contract, High Lifestyle
Certified Credstick
Concealable Holster
Concealable Holster
Custom Shades with Vision Magnification, Electronic
Form-Fitting Shirt
Greatcoat with Chemical Protection, Insulation
Medkit (2)
Plastic Restraints x10
White Noise Generator (3)

Colt Government 2066 [Pistols, DV 6P vs. B-2, SA, RC 2, 14 ©] with Ceramic/Plasteel Components (Level 1), Electronic Firing, EX-Explosive Rounds x50, Hollow Point Rounds x50, Personalized Grip, Regular Ammo x100, Skinlink, Smartgun System, Internal, Spare Clips
Colt Manhunter [Pistols, DV 6P vs. B-2, SA, RC 1, 16 ©] with Custom Look (1), EX-Explosive Rounds x100, Hollow Point Rounds x100, Laser Sight, Regular Ammo x100, Smartgun System, Internal, Spare Clips
Ingram Smartgun X [Submachine Guns, DV 6P vs. B-1, BF/BF-L/FA, RC 4, 32 ©] with EX-Explosive Rounds x100, Folding Stock, Gas-Vent 2 System, Hollow Point Rounds x100, Regular Ammo x150, Sling, Smartgun System, Internal, Sound Suppressor
Attack of Will (vs. Spirits) [DV 3P vs. I]
Ceramic Knife [Blades, DV 4P vs. I] with Ceramic/Plasteel Components (Level 1)
Hardliner Gloves [Unarmed, DV 4P vs. I]
Spurs [Blades, DV 6P vs. I]
Unarmed Strike [Unarmed, DV 3S vs. I]


Hailing originally from Raleigh / Durham, NC…Michaels is your traditional ‘southern gentleman’ with a taste for the finer things in life.

At the age of 17, he enlisted with the CAS military and by 19 was a decorated MP. His eyes were replaced as a result of a ‘friendly fire incident’ while in Amazonia and his attitude toward the military soured quickly. However, he found that he loved the abilities his new ‘enhancement’ brought him and Michaels was hooked on tech ever since. Thus, his recruitment into Ares Macrotechnology as a Security Specialist after being discharged, brought with it all the perks (enhancements) he could possibly want.

He spent 8 years working for Ares, working the security detail for a variety of mid level execs; constantly adding the newest cyber and bioware to his ‘arsenal’ and upgrading his existing whenever the chance arose. The corp was glad to pick up the tab….everytime he added something was another 6 months to a year on his contract. And Michaels was worth it…he picked up on things most folks didn’t. He didn’t miss anything…attention to detail was his strong suit (as well as the ability to take a bullet or 3 for whomever he was protecting and still keep going). It was also during his tenure at Ares, protecting those that ‘lived the good life’, that he picked up his expensive tastes.

His outlook is simple….you only live once…and you never know how long that might be in the security business….so you might as well enjoy life while you can! The problem with this attitude was that as one’s tastes become more refined and exposure to greater luxuries increase, one begins to ‘want’ more and more. The corporation just couldn’t keep up any longer salary wise. So…he finished up his contract and left to go freelance. They weren’t happy about it…and in fact, he found work hard to come by in the Carolinas for a while (Ares made sure of that). So, he made the move to Manhattan and spent the next 2 years building a reputation as one of the best ‘personal security specialists’ around. After an unfortunate run in with the husband of a young lady he spent a week with (who also happened to be a member of the local Mob family), he made a quick exit to London for a year and then back to the states where he set up shop in Dallas and then Seattle for a bit.

Michaels prefers jobs that keep him close to high society (whether that be the entertainment industry, the corps, or even the criminal underground), but he’s also a realist. At the end of the day you have to make the Nuyen to support a lifestyle of luxury, so it really boils down to who either pays the most; or what gig has the highest earning potential. With the current state of things in Denver, it seemed like a gold mine of opportunity, so he packed up and made the move about 6 months ago. Now…if he can just find that next big score that will set him up with a nice condo and give hm the chance to finally upgrade those Wired Reflexes to the new Delta model he’s been hearing about!


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