Clues and Key Intel

Data Search Results:

All three Stuffer Shacks that the Ancients bikes are going to are franchised by Carlos Molinera. Carlos is the child of Jorge Molinera. Jorge was in intelligence for Aztechnology, he is currently president of the Anehauc University, was the former dean of archeological studies. 4341 Neuton Way, CAS.

Data Search Results:

23275 Cosgil Avenue in the CAS shows up on a search for information on the 23.27% cut that HEC takes. This was a previous address for Bright Horizons Travel. Showing as a vacant warehouse. Floorplans show it to be set up as some kind of hybrid distribution center located in the middle of the CAS sector. Only 4 dock doors on a 60,000 sq/ft facility.
23275 Cosgil Avenue

You received additional information from the search you ran on the address.
This info came in the form of a brief post on one of the underground boards in
the Denver Data Haven…..


Here’s a little known factoid for you. About a year ago, Vladimir Kirillov,
Tsar of the CAS Vory and brother to Tsar Nikolai Kirillov of the UCAS syndicate,
started buying up a good slice of the high tech warehouses in the CAS sector. He
managed this through a variety of fronts and the rumor was he planned to use
these to gain a tighter control on the sector’s supply chain. We already knew
his group was running an aggressive campaign of threats and violence against
smugglers running for the other criminal elements. What we couldn’t figure out
was why he was acquiring the property he was going after. While large and high
tech, the warehouses just didn’t make sense. Any warehouse / DC worth it’s salt
has multiple shipping and receiving doors…with traffic flow in and out that
makes good logistical sense. But these facilities…well, let’s just say they
seemed to be limited in their design to handle a steady flow of goods.

But then came the rumors of the tunnels underneath Denver….

‘Kat o’Nine Tails’

Los Esperos

Begin Transmission…..

Mr. James,

I owe you and the debt needs to be paid in full. There’s more going on in
Denver than most realize. There’s good business there for people like us and
information can be priceless. In Denver more than most of our old haunts, good
intel is what will keep you breathing longer than a Predator IV with a full

Something big is about to go down with Las Esperos. The discontent amongst the
factions is coming to a head and it’s being escalated further by another outside
force. I’m not sure who (or what) it is…but I do know that a lot of the major
syndicates in Denver (especially in the CAS) would benefit from having terrorist
‘skirmishes’ escalate into a full blown war. Heavy duty arms and explosives are
coming to Las Esperos out of somewhere, and my intel has it being run in from a
complex in Sioux territory. Get a handle on who’s running that supply chain;
and I think you’ll know what Las Esperos is REALLY about. That info is going to
be priceless to a man like you in the days to come. There"s a war coming to
Denver…and you, my friend…stand a good chance of being caught right in the
middle of it.

So… Either get the Hell out, or stay and take your chances. And if your life
is going to be on the line…make damn sure you profit from it.

Hope this gets us closer to settling that score.

Mr. Jackson

Clues and Key Intel

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