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Also known as the ‘Treaty City’, Denver has a divided political nature that contains a thriving espionage community. While Ghostwalker (the dragon at the top) is not a huge fan of the spy game, he can’t control it and there are some times when he plays along when it suits his interest. Of course…when it comes to dragons, who can even begin to pretend to understand their motivations?

Several factors make the espionage activity in Denver in a hot bed right now. While the Az-Am war is a distance away, it still affects Aztlan, the CAS and other nations. And thus it’s effects are felt on the Denver streets. Even more importantly, the ongoing renegotiations of the Treaty of Denver have got everyone looking over their shoulder and questioning motivations of those as close to them as family. The various parties involved can give you a whole bunch of reasons and excuses why they’re pushing the renegotiation now, but it all boils down to one thing: opportunity. They’ve spent years knowing that the limited power they had was at the whim of Ghotswalker, but something has changed recently. There’s a perception that the dragon is weaker than he once was, that something has him distracted and is sucking up all his energy and time. No one can really say what has affected him, or even if this perceived weakness is real, but it’s there, and the sectors are moving in on it. They think the possibility is there to wrestle a little more power out of the dragon, and they’re going after it like a rabid pack of wolves.

This means there’s plenty of work in the shadows for those clever and skilled enough to capitalize on it. But be wary…this is Denver…you can’t trust anyone. Your best friend..that chummer you’ve been back to back with in more firefights than you can count? Well, in Denver he’s just as likely to bail you out of a scrape one minute and then turn around and put a bullet in your head the next. Keeps life interesting…

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