Michelle Westin's notes

Cover identity as a bartender in Denver, working nights at The Bloody Spear. I know there is a basement below the bar, but I haven’t been able to get down there.

Owner of the bar is Marshall Simpson (african american, 50’s, used to live in the basement) . Marshall now rents out the basement to a Dwarf (Big C). He’s added some security measures to the basement. He enters and exits through a maintenance closet.

He takes meetings (generally around 3-4 in the morning). You never see more than one person at a time, but they’re runners. They typically spend 45minutes to an hour together, and then he sends them on their way.

He’s one of the more respected demolitions experts in the area. He is without peer as a gunsmith, and does custom jobs.

A couple of days ago he had a meeting with an Albino Elf, lasted 10 minutes, was very heated, and Big C walked away from the bad meet.

Michelle Westin's notes

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