The Players

AZ1 Technologies

AZ1 Technologies is a small bio-tech firm that specializes in the manipulation / supplementation of Soy based products. It is run by Juanita Iglesia, an Ork who once served as the President of the PCC sector within Denver. AZ1 is definitely a corp on the rise within Denver and has a tremendous amount of operating capital for a small corp. There are rumors throughout the Denver Data Haven that AZ1 is just another front for Aztechnology as they try to re-establish a foothold in the city under the radar from the dragon’s watchful eye. The fact that Iglesia was able to acquire the Denver Stuffer Shack franchise from Aztechnology would appear to add credence to this theory. However, everyone knows how prejudiced Aztechnology is and doing business with an Ork goes against so many of their ‘guiding principles’. But then again…there is also that shaky intel Fastjack dug up about a year ago stating that Iglesia wasn’t always a woman of the big, tall and ugly variety…

Happy Endings Consulting

HEC is “officially” a Travel Consultancy for high dollar clientele. They specialize in sex and wish fulfillment. In actuality, HEC is the prime clearing house for Shadowrunners throughout Denver. They have a hold on all of the runs in the CAS sector and depending on the political leanings / affiliations of the day, HEC controls anywhere from 30% – 75% of the work in the other sectors. Their headquarters are based in a large ‘Entertainment Complex’ within the CAS sector.

The founder and CEO, Anderson Chou, is a Chinese immigrant that was once one of the most well know information brokers in the California Free State. Chou made the move to Denver about 6 years ago and has since established himself as an activist on the side of small business and free enterprise and has managed to use his high public profile to make various corporate and political contacts throughout the city. He is also one of the few ‘legitimate’ businessmen to establish good working relationships with many of the gangs in the city. Many people call him one of the ‘untouchables’ and this may very well be true. His past in the information business yielded quite a bit of dirt on a lot of powerful people and you can be sure that still holds true in Denver. In fact…it’s no secret that when Anderson Chou offers you a job…it’s a good idea to take it. Otherwise you may never find work in the city again.

Los Esperos

An activist group in the CAS that was formed a year after Ghostwalker came to town and cleared Aztechnology out; they have positioned themselves as a group of ‘peaceful’ protesters that want to see the culture of Aztlan restored to some area of the city. The CAS absorbed most of the Aztlan sector during the upheaval, with a small sliver going to the PCC. Most former Aztlan citizens that were allowed to stay in Denver have taken up residence in the PCC, yet the majority of protests have plagued the CAS.

The figurehead of the group is Hektor Valenzuela_. Born and raised in Denver, he is a prominent local business man who has done much to further Denver’s presence on the global scene, regardless of his politics. In fact, it was he who helped push for the Olympics to be held in Denver two years ago. Unfortunately for Valenzuela, not long after the Olympics arrived in the city, a splinter group of Los Esperos (_still using the same name) sprung up in a violent fashion. While their end goal is said to be the same as Valenzuela’s, they are determined that strong and violent action is the only way to gain the attention necessary for Aztlan to once again return to some semblance of prominence and power within Denver. It also rumored throughout the DDH (Denver Data Haven) that Aztechnology is secretly funding this splinter group with the hopes of forwarding their own agendas.

Jorge Molinera, the President of Anehauc University and former dean of Archeological Studies, is a vocal supporter of this splinter group. While Molinera has yet to give the ZDF (Zone Defense Force) or CAS Intelligence a strong enough reason to ‘bring him in’ for questioning, those in the know expect that day to come soon enough. It’s no secret that both Ghostwalker and the CAS are contracting runners to gather enough intelligence to warrant an arrest. Interestingly enough…Anderson Chou and HEC are not the ones brokering these deals…

The Ancients
An all-elf-go-gang; they are one of the largest in Seattle. They have chapters all over North America…make that the world…but the Seattle chapter has been infused with numerous exiles from Tir Tairngire and is where their ‘world headquarters’ is based. Their symbol is a modified anarchy symbol (circled “A”) usually in red or green. Their bread and butter has always been smuggling, protection rackets and other small-time operations. The colorful Sting and Green Lucifer continue to run the pack, even showing up their underlings in the occasional drag race or game of freeway tag.

Recently the leadership decided it was time to expand into the Denver area given it’s reputation as one of the major ‘hot spots’ for smuggling in North America. Green Lucifer himself has deemed it important enough that he’s made the move to oversee the expansion personally. He’s held numerous meetings with Anderson Chou since moving into the city just over a year ago and rumor is that he’s been seen recently in the company of Vladimir Kirillov_, Tsar of the CAS Vory in Denver. How that possible alliance plays into the current relationship with Chou (_or if it directly conflicts with it….which is a dangerous proposition) is anyone’s guess. But there’s quite a few people out there that would pay a decent sum of Nuyen to find out…

The Spikes
The Spikes are an all-troll go-gang led by the infamous elf hater Lord Torgo. They often clash with the Ancients. Their colors are black, dark brown and red, and they’ve started founding chapters in other cities, much as the Ancients and the Cutters have, in order to overtake the Ancients as Seattle’s largest go-gang. Their turf is in Tacoma, especially the southern part of Interstate 5 (Tacoma-Fort Lewis area), where the go-gang targets Tir Tairngire traffic using “Mongolian” tactics of attacking as a riding horde, full speed ahead, from their motorcycles.

After Lord Torgo was imprisoned for murder, his continuous leadership was challenged by other gang members, who were more interested in making nuyen then killing elves. While the gang leader was put in an isolation cell and finally died there, a minotaur with purple coloured fur took over leadership of the gang. This new gang leader calls himself BTO_, a short form for "_Babe the ox".

The Spikes also decided it was time to expand their ‘empire’ a year ago (especially with the news that the Ancients were doing the same) and BTO’s right hand, Flip, decided to send a small group out to investigate the happenings in Denver. A low level enforcer called Jorge was sent out at this point with a group of 4 others to start looking into possible areas of expansion. Jorge and his gang were met with heavy resistance at first, but after gaining the attention of Anderson Chou, they began to see opportunities opening up. This went on for roughly 6 months or so, with the gang never meeting Chou ‘face to face’, but then another member of the Spikes showed up from out of town…mysteriously sent by Flip and around the same time he arrived…Chou decided it was time to meet in person. Then things got really complicated very quickly….

CIA – Central Intelligence Agency (UCAS)
It’s the CIA…’nuff said!

DSI – Department of Strategic Intelligence (CAS)

The CAS equivalent of the CIA. While not as tech savvy as their UCAS counterpart, they more than make up for it through their impressive network of contacts and assets, as well as their Paranormal / Arcane Intelligence branch.


Aztechnology, headquartered in Tenochtitlan, Aztlan, is the second largest corporation in the world and the largest corporation in North America. Aztechnology is the number one producer of consumer goods in the world. It is also number one in the Magical Industry. The corporation strongly supports the Aztlaner government, which in turn enacts a number of laws to the advantage of Aztechnology. The corporation is privately owned and does not disclose the names of its shareholders and board members. On the other hand, it heavily uses publicity to support its foods and consumer goods sales.

History of Aztechnology

Aztechnology was formed in 2007 when a group of drug cartels purchased a resource development company and renamed it the ORO Corporation (ORO stood for Ortega, Ramos and Ortiz, the three major cartel figures who founded it). A year later, large deposits of molybdenum were discovered off the Panama coast, in an area where the sole exploitation rights were held by ORO. The resulting windfall ensured ORO’s ascension into the ranks of the foremost industrial corporations.

During the subsequent decade, several Central American nations were transformed into corporate pawns of ORO. At ORO’s behest, these nations repealed laws against software piracy and illegal distribution, allowing ORO to begin stealing software products and reselling them at much-reduced prices. ORO’s outraged competitors could do little; none of ORO’s vassal states acknowledged corporate extraterritoriality, though ORO’s actions resulted in a long-lasting enmity with most of the future megacorps of the 2050s.

ORO’s greatest victory came in the early years of the 2010s. When VITAS scourged Mexico in 2010, ORO wasted little time in providing humanitarian aid; after the Mexican government collapsed the following year, ORO established the world’s first Matrix-based electoral system, ensuring its chosen politicians from the Aztlan Party came to power. The new government’s first act was to rename the country Aztlan.

ORO swiftly transferred its headquarters to Mexico City (now renamed Tenochtitlan) and in 2022 renamed itself Aztechnology. The corporation spent the next two decades assisting Aztlan’s expansion both north and south of its Mexican core, until the country (read: the corporation) stretched from northern Colombia to the former US Southwest.

When Aztechnology ordered Aztlan to nationalize all other corporate assets in its territory in 2044, the other megacorps responded four years later by assaulting Atechnology’s Ensenada facilities. With the Corporate Court backing its enemies, Aztechnology had to negotiate; however, during the subsequent Veracruz Settlement the company managed to limit the penetration of Aztlan by its rivals.

The 2050 massacre of civilians by Aztlan soldiers near Campeche saw the explosion of Aztechnology’s next major struggle. The Yucatan peninsula erupted into full-scale rebellion, necessitating the ever-greater commitment of more soldiers and better weapons to combat the rebellion.

The Corporate War of 2059 and the downfall of Fuchi Industrial Electronics saw Aztechnology rise to become the second-most powerful of the world’s megacorps, just after Saeder-Krupp.
Since 2062 when Ghostwalker kicked out the corp; they have been maneuvering behind the scenes to try and gain a foothold in the city of Denver once again. While no one has been able to definitively PROVE this; it’s a well known fact amongst the shadows that the corp is slowly making in-roads through numerous smaller corps (fronts) and political groups. The hottest (and quite possibly most accurate) of all the rumors currently is that they are major source of funding for the militant arm of Los Esperos. You can bet that the dragon would love nothing more than to get his hands on this kind of information…if only someone could get it and live long enough to put it in his talons…

The Wraith

We know little about the albino elf known as Wraith_. Somewhat of a legend amongst the Denver shadows, he is an assassin by trade; specalizing in high value targets throughout the political spectrum. Also known to employ teams of Shadowrunners to provide distractions or even actual aid during his ‘_engagements’…Wraith is both a blessing and a curse to the Denver shadows. If you’re on his good side…a high paying gig might come your way…but if you’re on his bad side…well… But then again, no one is ever truly on his good side. Offer Wraith enough money and he’d kill his own mother (rumor is he did just that!)

As valuable an asset as he is to many corporations and governments, Wraith is also a wanted man. His targets have included members of the UCAS, CAS, PCC, Sioux nation, Ares Macrotechnology and others. His skill in death and mastery of the art of disguise have kept him alive so far…always waiting for the next contract. But it’s just a matter of time before someone comes along who’s smarter and faster…and if a runner is lucky (or unlucky) enough to be that person…he / she will be able to retire off the bounty collected.


Ghostwalker is the most recent Great Dragon to come into the spotlight of the Sixth World. He is a Western Dragon with scales colored in pale ivory with blue highlights. In his metahuman form, he prefers a tall male human with white hair. Ghostwalker has claimed all of the city of Denver as his domain. His translator is young male ork by the name of Nicholas Whitebird.
Ghostwalker has a remarkable affinity for spirits, and seems to be accompanied by them at all times. During his attacks on Denver, he was reportedly seen destroying certain powerful spirits throughout individual areas in Denver.


Ghostwalker first appeared in his astral form on December 24, 2061 from the astral rift in Washington, D.C. over the site of Dunkelzahn’s assassination. He immediately flew to Denver, somehow picking up his body along the way, with a veritable army of spirits, and launched a month-long campaign of attacks against the city, focusing on the Aztlan district. In January 2062, Ghostwalker met with the Council of Denver and assumed control of the Front Range Free Zone. Aztlan was forced out by CAS troops, who seized the Aztlan sector. He created the Zone Defense Force to defend his new empire.

Relationship with other Dragons

Ghostwalker appears to be on good terms with Hestaby, Hualpa, and Masaru. The other dragons in Denver at the time either left or are now allies with Ghostwalker, including the dragon Perianwyr. The only great dragon Ghostwalker seems to show overt hostility to is Lofwyr.
The relationship between Ghostwalker and the late Dunkelzahn is that of clutchlings. During the last great age of dragons, in Earthdawn times (The Fourth World), they were of the last clutch of All-Wings, the Pinnacle of female dragonhood, who unlike most dragons raised her young herself.

Even stranger is the relationship between Ghostwalker and the Draco Foundation. Apparently, Nadja Daviar and Aina Dupree were in the city of Denver shortly before Ghostwalker’s appearance, and they had some sort of private discussion. The outcome of the discussion is unknown, but there has been an air of cooperation and neutrality since then.

The Players

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